Stop Longmeadow



Top Ten Reasons to Oppose Longmeadow Toll Bridge

  1.    COST - At an estimated cost of over $150+ million (our estimate shows it at just over $200 million), $63 million is coming directly from state taxpayers’ money!  The bridge portion will be paid for by toll revenues, meaning local traffic foots the bill.
  2.     GROWTH RATES CHANGED – Current plans are based on growth estimates that have turned out to be inaccurate.
  3.     NO CONGESTION DESCREASE - Kane County’s own report shows that Longmeadow will not significantly impact local traffic congestion, yet we’re told repeatedly that this is the main reason for the bridge!
  4.     PROPERTY VALUES – Residents along the toll bridge corridor will see significant decreases in the value of their homes.  Some will be a mere 70 FEET from the toll way!  People that bought homes there were either uninformed or misinformed about this project and told 


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