Stop Longmeadow



Top Ten Reasons to Oppose Longmeadow Toll Bridge

  1.    COST - At an estimated cost of over $150+ million (our estimate shows it at just over $200 million), $63 million is coming directly from state taxpayers’ money!  The bridge portion will be paid for by toll revenues, meaning local traffic foots the bill.
  2.     GROWTH RATES CHANGED – Current plans are based on growth estimates that have turned out to be inaccurate.
  3.     NO CONGESTION DESCREASE - Kane County’s own report shows that Longmeadow will not significantly impact local traffic congestion, yet we’re told repeatedly that this is the main reason for the bridge!
  4.     PROPERTY VALUES – Residents along the toll bridge corridor will see significant decreases in the value of their homes.  Some will be a mere 70 FEET from the toll way!  People that bought homes there were either uninformed or misinformed about this project and told that it was nothing to be worried about.
  5.     TOLL TO CROSS THE RIVER – Local residents that want to use Longmeadow to cross the river will have to pay an iPass-only toll that is estimated at $1.50 each way!  This amounts to $780/yr to cross the bridge each workday in both directions.
  6.     FOREST PRESERVE DISRUPTION - Longmeadow Toll Bridge will cut right through the Brunner Forest Preserve, which Kane County residents voted on and paid $40 million for.  The habitat will be greatly disturbed and impacted by light, noise, air, and salt pollution.  The original Environmental Impact Study was done before this property became 4(f) protected land.  It’s time for a new study.
  7.     CHILDREN CROSSING – Longmeadow will create a dangerous situation for children that have to cross this now quiet street to get to school.  Imagine young children having to cross a busy 4-lane tollway, every single morning and afternoon.  This is what Longmeadow will look like.
  8.     VOTERS SAID NO – This project has been voted down repeatedly over the years, more recently when it was known as the “Bolz Road Bridge.”  Everyone thought the project was dead, and that was before it was going to be a TOLL bridge. 
  9.     NO FINANCIAL PLAN – Kane County has yet to produce a cost/benefit analysis or a Financial Plan for the Longmeadow Parkway Tollbridge Project.  We have no idea exactly how much it will cost, where the money is coming from, and how it will be spent. 
  10.     LOCAL BUSINESS EFFECTED –With people coming from Rt 62 likely to bypass the area to get straight to Algonquin Commons, local businesses in Carpentersville, East Dundee, and West Dundee that rely on through-traffic for exposure will see decreases in sales, not the least of which being the Springhill Mall and surrounding area.