Stop Longmeadow



Cville to Vote on Resolution Against Longmeadow!!!

If you haven't been to our Events page, you might not realize that the Village of Carpentersville Board will be voting on a resolution to retract support of the Longmeadow Toll Bridge project this TUESDAY, 6/16 @ 7pm!

Read the Resolution!

This is big because if Carpentersville opposes construction of this toll bridge, it could mean the end of the entire project simply because it will make it much more difficult for the Kane County Board to raise funds.

We encourage everyone to stay long enough to hear the board vote on the issue.

We ask that everyone who can, to show up and sign up to make a Public Comment.  We don't need anger to win this argument and you don't have to have every single fact about the issue memorized, just simply tell your story.  

How will this toll bridge impact you, your community, and your taxes?  Read our Position Papers and use that to make a point.

At the last Kane County Board meeting, we asked the board to suspend the inclusion of the Longmeadow Toll Bridge in their Kane 2040 Plan and give the public a full justification of the need for this project, as well as an accurate accounting of the costs.  

They ignored our comments.  

But they can only ignore us for so long.  Pretty soon, we will be everywhere they turn, and they will have no choice but to go from simply "listening to us" to actually acting on the will of our demands.

As more people find out about the reality of this project, more people join to fight against it.  

The next stop is this Carpentersville Board Meeting.  We must show up with conscience, class, and comments.  Our story is their story.  Give the board a reason to support what we know to be true: The Longmeadow Toll Bridge Project is a big ($200M) mistake!