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Longmeadow Opposition Hosts Meet & Greet

 Carpentersville Village president Ed Ritter believes there is little opposition because there are few signs on display around town.

Carpentersville Village president Ed Ritter believes there is little opposition because there are few signs on display around town.

Taxpayers Against Longmeadow recently came in contact with property owners near Bolz and Williams Rd in Carpentersville that are very much opposed to the toll bridge project.  

The family has owned the house along Angelina Place for decades and hates to think what it will be like with a 4-lane toll bridge roaring above their heads, day and night.

This tranquil river area will be a bastion of noise and pollution, and a once placid natural space will become impinged upon by oversized concrete columns and roadways carriage that will necessarily have to carve a barren path through the old growth forest and disrupt the aquatic habitats that have remained untouched for centuries.

But, we are promised, there will be a bike path running underneath the monstrosity.  Won't that be nice?

So, to help promote their position on the Longmeadow Parkway Toll Bridge project, the family offered their space to have Taxpayers Against Longmeadow host a "meet & greet" event which was a huge success.  The group plans to have multiple events over the summer to help promote awareness of the project's negative aspects and give locals an opportunity to meet in person to ask questions and meet the group behind the opposition efforts.

 Against Longmeadow but FOR free hotdogs!

Against Longmeadow but FOR free hotdogs!

The event was a success, with many people stopping from the bike trail to ask questions and learn more.  It didn't hurt that there were free hotdogs and refreshments!  It seemed that the overwhelming majority of folks we spoke with were agains the bridge project, only a couple actually opposed but they still respected our opinions and efforts nonetheless.  

Some people even passed by on the road and turned around and came back because they'd heard about the project and really wanted to know more.  With almost each new face asking what Longmeadow is all about, the list of opposition grows, which raises the question, "When will our politicians start listening to us and answering our questions?  When will they realize this project is a terrible idea, a boondoggle as they say, and vote to turn against it?"

Barrington Hills has now passed  a resolution overturning their previous support of the project, and Carpentersville will vote on the same issue coming up this summer.  How many more villages will come to their senses in time to put an end to this wasteful spending project?  Will we be able to stop it in time before the bulldozers start their destruction?

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