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Longmeadow Opposition Delivers Comments to County Board

In a future post, we will outline some of the reasons why Longmeadow exists, who is behind it, and how the structure of government works to give you an understanding of what can be done and who to connect with to help put an end to this project.  There are specific people, such as County Board member Maggie Auger, whose district covers most of the project's territory, that have been particularly persistent in their efforts to see this project come into fruition.

These people need to hear our side of the story, and, as we saw this past Tuesday at the monthly Kane County Board meeting, if they're listening to us, they're not willing to do anything about it. . .


They are content to smile and nod as we speak but they have little will to act on the information we present them.

When the Transportation Committee had their last meeting, they voted to continue support of the Kane 2040 Plan as written.  Not realizing this vote was taking place, and that Longmeadow was a point of importance, none of our side showed up to speak out against it.  This fact made the front page of the Daily Herald!

So, at least two members of Taxpayers Against Longmeadow were present at the recent County Board meeting to give statements in opposition of this project.  Below are the comments given by these members, and keep in mind that speaking out to the County Board in opposition at 9:45 in the morning is something very few citizens take the chance to do.  While our words may have been ignored, the entire Board was aware of our presence, and for those few moments they realized that this issue was not going to go away quietly.

They are worried about what we all know to be the truth:

Despite low turnout at things like committee meetings, the number of people discovering the truth about this project is growing, and with each new person made aware of it, the number of people in opposition grows as well.

This toll bridge is said to be a done deal, so let's just sweep the facts under the rug.  Let's ignore the impacts it will have on families, property values, and a people's quality of life.  Let's ignore the fact that it will require millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars, mostly from within the county, just to see this through.  

As if our tax rates weren't bad enough already.

 County Board Member Maggie Auger took your vote and put it into the Longmeadow Fund.

County Board Member Maggie Auger took your vote and put it into the Longmeadow Fund.

Read the comments below, and consider emailing each and every one of the Kane County Board members for a follow up to these questions.  Ask them if they're ready to provide a justification for the need, and an accounting of the costs.  Ask them if they can put themselves in the shoes of the people most effected by this audacious project, and how they would react if they suddenly realized this toll bridge was knocking on their door.

The people that voted for Maggie Auger might have been fooled by vague rhetoric and misleading realtors into thinking that this toll bridge will have minimal impact on their way of life.  The people that voted for Maggie Auger might also change their mind in the next election.

Taxpayers Against Longmeadow member, Lindsay O'Connell spoke first:


Thank you to the board for taking the time to listen to my comments today. I am here to speak in regards to the 2040 plan, specifically my opposition to the Longmeadow Tollbridge Project.

I was first made aware of the Longmeadow plans nearly 2 months ago and have since dedicated no less than 20 hours a week educating myself on the issue and surrounding myself with others who have dedicated 10, 15 and 20+ years of their life educating themselves and others on this project as well.

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Then, Taxpayers Against Longmeadow member, Jarett Sanchez, spoke:

First, I’d like to thank the board for their service to the community.  For going out of their way to serve the public and make tough decisions when so many are content to complain and pass judgement from the sidelines, blaming government for their problems.  Thank you for all of your efforts.

After the last Transportation Committee meeting when no one showed up to oppose the Longmeadow project, the Daily Herald printed a front page article about it.  I wanted to come hear today and speak so that wouldn’t happen again.

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