Stop Longmeadow



Email a Politician!

One of the things that all of us should be doing is emailing politicians.  Not being rude or nasty,  instead remaining civil and decorous, but being firm with them.  Asking questions, demanding answers, and holding them accountable for the decisions they are making.

Some politicians, like Chris Lauzen, said we should have a public referendum on Longmeadow before moving forward with the project.  What happened to that, Chris?!?!?  We deserve an answer.

Maggie Auger has been pushing this toll bridge project for almost two decades.  Now that times have changed and there's not the same need for this project as there once was, we're supposed to just accept it and pay for it, too.  Why, Maggie?  Why?

So we've begun to collect some contact information for these politicians in a spreadsheet.

You can access the spreadsheet below or download a copy of it HERE.