Stop Longmeadow



Top Ten Actions to Take to Stop Longmeadow!

Call Gov. Rauner's office!  If the funding from the State of Illinois is revoked, the project is dead in the water.  With today's budget crisis, Rauner is looking for ways to cut spending, why not spend this money on maintaining roads and bridges that we already have?

Sign up to receive email alerts.  This is your first step to stay in touch with the group and what is going on.

Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.  Show support by increasing our numbers and widening our outreach.

Use social media to spread stories, links, etc.  Social media is a great way to spread information, and fast.  Anything relevant to the Longmeadow Toll Bridge project is useful.

Attend board meetings and make public comments in opposition.  Carpentersville, East & West Dundee, Barrington Hills, and Algonquin are the key towns to persuade.  Be respectful, courteous, and give your reasons for opposing Longmeadow, asking the towns to pass resolutions against it and deny any support.

Talk to your neighbors and rally support.  Get out and talk with neighbors, it's the best way to connect and discuss the issues.  As more people find out about this toll bridge project, opposition to it grows.

Send letters to editors of news publications.  We need to promote our position in any way we can.  Getting into online and print publications is still a viable way to influence public opinion.

Write letters/emails to government officials.  Contacting officials directly is the best way to let them know that we are not just a small group of opposition- we are the growing majority.  Always be respectful and know that we may disagree with them on this one issue, but not all issues.

Check our Upcoming Events page and show up!  This is where we'll post about open meetings for Stop Longmeadow, rallies, etc.  We don't have as much time as we'd like to stop this project, so we need all hands on deck at as many events as possible!