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Dundee Township Annual Meeting

We have come full circle in our fight to stop Longmeadow Toll Bridge.  It is again crucial to attend the Annual Town Meeting for Dundee Township as we did last year to put the Longmeadow question on the ballot.  Almost 70 % of residents voted that they want local officials to oppose the damaging Longmeadow boondoggle when our referendum question was placed on the March ballot.   It’s now time to respectfully ask Dundee Township officials to honor the will of the majority and oppose Longmeadow. 

The meeting will be held at Randall Oaks Golf Course, 4101 Binnie Road, Dundee at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 12th.   

Arrive at least 10 minutes early to sign in as a registered Dundee Township voter.  Public comments will be taken near the end of the meeting.  Wear your Stop Longmeadow  t-shirts if you have them or CLICK HERE to print out a transfer and make your own.  Bring a  Stop Longmeadow sign if you have one.  Please attend and spread the word!

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Local Candidate Forum This Thursday!
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Local Candidate Forum This Thursday!

  • Dundee Rec Center (Senior Center) (map)
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Hello, Stop Longmeadow supporters!

We have a unique event opportunity coming up this Thursday, February 25th at 7PM at the Dundee Township Rec Center (in the Senior Center).  

The League of Women Voters is hosting a local candidate forum that is open to the public.  Of interest to us is the contest for County Board District 24 between incumbent Joe Haimann and our very own Jarett Sanchez, who is on the organizing committee for Stop Longmeadow.  

Haimann is the board member that ran against LMP, and then flip-flopped once he was elected. He bought the party line that nobody is really against LMP and that it's a done deal.
This is our opportunity to face one of our opponents and ask him pointed questions about his views on Longmeadow and the various fallacies that he repeats in the press.  
Also, this is our chance to ask Jarett what his campaign represents and what he has to offer the County that Joe does not.  Jarett is a MUST WIN for this election-- even Daily Herald reporters are calling the contest between him and Joe the most interesting race this election cycle.  You can learn a little more about his campaign by going to and checking out his issues page.

County Board Chairman, Chris Lauzen, has apparently declined the invitation to appear at this event but we have word that his opponent, Ken Shepro, will be there and we can get his views on Longmeadow as well.

It should be a packed house and we hope to see many of you out there!

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